Why NEI India Get good review from students ?

Reviews can be used to detect the quality of training an institute can render. The graduates of the institutions are the majority that post reviews. Cautious reading of the testimonials makes it possible to know if the institute is good or not. The Nei India institute has a space on their websites to gather reviews. Accessing those testimonials is much easier. Listed are comments on the reviews.

Number of experts trained

The institute has received many commendations for training more than 2000 video and film editors. It takes dedication to impart knowledge and skills to willing students. The institute has done its work perfectly. A majority of its previous students point their success to the training they received from this institution. This is an achievement that has made the institution reputable.

Largest institute

This institution is the largest in film and video editing. Many of their alumni and students are proud to undertake their studies in this institution. Apart from being bigger, the institution is known to have hired the best trainers and experts in the business. Thus, all its current and past students want to associate with it. That has triggered the posting of remarkable Nei India review from the students.


Individuals that desire to pursue film editing have no problem enrolling in this institution. Some of the best reviews reveal the fact that the institute has experienced trainers. This is because it has been operating for the past ten years. The institution is already established in film and video editing training. This signifies the institute can provide high quality training services.


The demand for video and film editing training has been on the increase. More people aspire to obtain training from this institution. This is due to its impeccable programs that can build their skills. The escalating demand to join the Nei India institute led to the emergence of more branches. This has enabled the institute to increase the number of students.

Placement opportunities

The placement opportunity the institute offers is the source of many great reviews. The students who managed to access the placements are happy with its impact. Some refer to it as a life changing opportunity. The chance to work closely with the finest editors in the business is a great exposure. It enables students to learn more. That has boosted their proficiency in video editing.

Student exploration

The institution has created a suitable learning environment for the students to explore. It has provided the machines and equipment needed for editing. The students can access the machines whenever they need to learn something. This freedom allows the students to acquire skills and creativity independently. Nei India review shows the satisfaction the students get due to this liberty.

Excellence in training

Quality training is the main point the institute sells to its students. This has made its management to focus on excelling their training programs. The type of training offered to their students is extra ordinary. They focus on building their skills and integrating them into the business.

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Nei India Student Reviews

NEI India Reviews – STUDENTS OPINION-3 Avoid NEI India fake Review

Excellent course, well organized and conducted, and memorable. Nei India Rocks ! Watch full video & Avoid NEI India fake Review.

The training was very successful and interactive. It helped develop the confidence of hands on activities to bring out the best in each participant.

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Nei India Student review

Nei India Review from our actual student now placed at very companies avoid Nei India fake reviews NEIIndia is One of Best Video Editing Institute. Avoid Nei India fake Consumer complaints and reviews. Video Uploaded by NEI INDIA Film and TV Editing Institute NEI India is a well established Institute in Mumbai,Thane,Ahmedabad,Pune, Delhi and Kolkata “Thanks for checking out our profile. -NEI INDIA”

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Why Nei India review Complaints?

Regardless of how good an institute can be it will still face criticism. That does not mean that the services or training offered by the institution is bad. It all depends on the experiences the people sharing the reviews face. For instance, the Nei India complaints can be used in improving its services if they are genuine. Listed below are some of the complaints shared by members of the public.

High fees

Many folks desire to join the institution since their training is the best. Some of the prospective trainees feel the fee is very high. They tend to compare this institution with others. What they fail to consider is the value of education the institution provide. Hiring highly experienced and skilled tutors is expensive. This escalates the fees charged by the institution. The high fees can be justified with quality of training.

Quality of training

Some underrate the value of training being rendered by the institution. They feel some students that graduated from the institution do not display the skills it claims to offer. Nei India institute definitely puts all its students under the same quality of training. However, the students are responsible for the value of education they gain. Numerous students are doing well in the filming industry.


The institution is offering scholarship to people that have a poor background. The scholarships given seem not be enough. This is because very many individuals want to be part of the school on scholarship. Many complain they are not considered for the scholarship chances offered by the school. However, it will be unbearable for the school to enrol everyone that needs a scholarship.


Some of the Nei India complaints are shared by the students. To be extremely marketable, they desire to have better training. That is limited with the facilities the institute provides. Currently, Hollywood is the number one in video production and editing worldwide. That makes their experts the best all over the world. The quality of their art and creativity relies on the sophisticated equipment they have.

In take

The institute is able to enrol very few students per time. This is because of the limited space and equipment they have. Training a large crowd with a few facilities will lower the quality of education. This hinders very many interested folks that would like to join the school. That has resulted in the rise of complaints from people that are not enrolled.


Nei India institution is a global brand. That is why it gives training opportunities to people from other countries. However, some locals feel the foreigners are prioritized. They feel they ought to be considered especially those that need scholarships. Such desires will lower the standards of the institute. That will strip the institute its title of being a global institution.


The institute has tried to meet the demand of people in need of video editing training. So far their efforts have not managed to satisfy the demand. More people would love to join. The existing branches seem not to be capable of meeting all their clients.

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Description of Film Post-Production by bobby bose

Description of Film Post-Production by bobby bose

In film making, post-production jobs refer to activities that take place after the movie has been shot. At this point, the director must shape thousands of hours of footage into a logically sequenced movie with sound effects, music, title graphics and all of the other elements moviegoers expect. Post-production crew members learn their craft at film schools or through apprenticeships. First jobs are often without pay, but offer valuable contacts and work experience.

Bobby Bose Film Editor Bobby Bose is a Film editor and Owner of NEIINDIA film editing institute, is planning to have more branches across the country To read more about bobby bose film editor nei india film tv editing institute kindly visit www.neiindia.com

 Film Editor

It’s the editor’s job to help the director make sense of the thousands of hours of footage shot on location. Scenes are almost always shot out of sequence, so the story must be edited to fit the director’s idea of chronology. Decisions must be made as to which of each scene’s multiple takes and camera angles will be used, and what must be scrapped. The editor completes a rough cut, which is basically the film’s first draft edit, but much more work will be done. In the past, film was physically cut and spliced, which is how actors and scenes could end up “on the cutting room floor.” But today most editors digitize the footage and use movie editing software such as Avid and Final Cut Pro.

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Sound Editors

Sound editors are responsible for all audio that must be added to a film. The music editor selects the music and edits it into the footage. This can also mean adding temporary music when the film is still in post-production. The automatic dialogue replacement (ADR) recordist works with the film’s actors to replace unusable dialogue. No matter how sensitive or well-placed the microphones are during shooting, some dialogue ends up garbled; or the scene is shot from such a distance that microphones prove useless. In other cases, “looping” is used to replace certain words with milder dialogue when edited for television. The foley artist works with the sound effects editor to create effects as mundane as the slamming of doors or as inventive as the snarl of an alien. All sound editors work under the direction of the supervising sound editor.

Music Composer

One of the final steps in production is the scoring of the film. The composer receives a rough cut and writes original music that fits the plot, each scene’s mood and the director’s intentions. John Williams’ score for the Star Wars saga is a prime example of a music composer adding an important dimension to film production.

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Post-Production Supervisor

The post-production supervisor acts as a liaison between the director and the various post-production crews. In some cases, the post-production supervisor might also help the director select staff. This job also involves being the primary contact with the film lab and other vendors during the later stages of film production.

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Article Source : http://work.chron.com/description-film-postproduction-jobs-16107.html


The Future of Indian Immigration

The Future of Indian Immigration


Globalization, which helps businesses expand into new international markets, is eroding nation’s virtual borders through the Internet and blurring its geographic borders as the global mobility of resources and people is on the rise. The increased movement of people into and from India is shaping India’s immigration and visa requirements. Before we can imagine what the future of Indian immigration will be, it is necessary to understand India’s background with regard to immigration and emigration.

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History of Immigration

India has historically been a land of plenty and immigration has been driven by economic opportunities. Over the years, India has attracted several invaders that remained in India as “immigrants.” For instance, around 1500 BC, a group of people called Aryans from the Russian steppes, invaded the Indian subcontinent, and stayed on to dominate the native Dravidian people.

Emigration from India

India went through phases of emigration under the British Rule. This trend continued in India which adopted socialistic policies that supported controlled economic growth. Under the British Rule, several Indians migrated to countries in the East and West Indies, Mauritius and to African countries as indentured labourers and as trading entrepreneurs, and to Australia as convicts (taken by the British). These emigrants stayed on to establish successful lives in the countries where they initially moved. Seeing this trend, more and more Indians voluntarily left their country in search of better opportunities overseas. In recent years, migration has been of primarily three types, family unification, professionals moving for career or business opportunities to the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Australia and Canada labourers and entrepreneurs moving to the Middle Eastern booming economies.

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Indian Non-Immigrant Visas

The entry and movement of foreign nationals in India are regulated by several statutes, rules and regulations, with specific restrictions on the activities they can undertake in India. Most foreign nationals require visas with the exception of certain persons of Indian origin and visitors from Nepal and Bhutan, who enjoy significant freedom of travel into India.

Immigration and Commerce

The explosion of globalization, the Internet, technology and the progressive liberalization of the Indian economy have all contributed to increased travel to India. Information Technology (IT) and IT enabled services (ITES) have seen prolific growth of business, attracting venture capitalists and businessmen to India. India is considered as one of the prime countries in which the outsourcing industry that provides ITES is booming. A number of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) facilities, faced with the lack of an employable workforce have hired foreign nationals especially from East Europe. In addition, as Indian BPO’s, and recently emerging Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) units seek to provide services to non-English speaking jurisdictions the need to higher multilingual professionals has arisen. Businesses in these sectors also have high level managers and professionals to introduce, among other things internationally accepted practices, assistance, knowledge transfer and trained local staff. The demand is partially met through recruitment portals on the Internet.

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Immigration and Foreign Students

The difference in the number of students going abroad to study compared to the number of foreign students coming to study in India is staggering. For example, more than 32,000 student visas for Indian nationals are expected to be issued in India for the full 2007 year as against 24,600 in 2006.” The number of Indian students going to the UK increased from less than 4000 in 1999 to about 19000 in 2006, and Indian students going to Australia have risen from 500 in early 1990s to nearly 30,000 in 2006-07. In addition there a few hundred Indian students going to study at universities in countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore and Russia.

Immigration and Real Estate

Present Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy has a direct and significant effect on Immigration. FDI has seen significant increases through the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) and the automatic route, requiring post remittance reporting to the Reserve Bank of India. The Indian Government in the pursuit of liberalizing the economy allows FDI in several sectors, and progressively includes more sectors. Currently, investment in the real estate sector is permitted through direct investments and indirect investments in real estate mutual funds. Foreign nationals or entities are prohibited from investing in plantations and agricultural land, but may invest in the development of projects pertaining to townships, residential projects, retail malls, commercial office projects, information technology parks, hotels and leisure resorts.

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Article Source :http://www.legalserviceindia.com/article/l238-Future-of-Indian-Immigration.html

New UK immigration rule to cover Indians : Immigration Solutions Mumbai

New UK immigration rule to cover Indians : Immigration Solutions Mumbai

London: Indian citizens with permission to settle in the UK permanently will need to apply for a biometric residence permit (BRP) as part of changes in immigration rules intended to make it harder for non-European Union (EU) nationals to work illegally and abuse the benefit system.

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Many Indian citizens who migrated to the UK years ago and gained the right to settle here permanently did not opt for UK citizenship and retained their Indian citizenship.

Such individuals will be covered in the latest changes announced today.

A BRP is a card which holds an immigrant’s biographic details (name, date and place of birth); and ‘biometric information’ (fingerprints and facial image).

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It also shows immigration status and entitlements while in the UK.

Most categories of immigrants are required to apply and obtain BRPs.

Immigration Minister Damian Green has now extended the requirement to include refugees and those with right to live in the UK permanently (called ‘indefinite leave to remain’).

The widening of BRP requirements to almost all categories of immigrants is intended to tackle immigration abuse by proving a person’s right to work or access services in the UK, official sources said, adding that the number of foreign nationals issued with a BRP will double to 400,000 a year.

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Since the BRP holds a person’s fingerprints and photograph on a secure chip, it enables a “simple and quick check” about an immigrant’s work and benefits entitlements.

There have been several instances of immigrants who do not have the right to work in the UK being arrested.

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Article Source : http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/new-uk-immigration-rule-to-cover-indians-180765